Macro Software Systems (also known as MSS) was established with the business objective of providing top-class IT services to its customers and we continue to grow in this sphere. We understand that embracing new technologies is a never ending process and consider our responsibility to translate this into business value for our existing and potential customers.

MSS is 100% privately owned by Omani shareholders. We are an independent business entity with no subsidiaries or parent groups. Our current total staff strength is 95 people and is a happy mix of local, multinational and multiethnic individuals.

Our PARTNERS are global leaders like Oracle, IBM, F5 and Axios Systems, as well as emerging and innnovative stars like Kasperky and NetForensics. We have pioneered the introduction and installation of new technologies in our territory and will continue to take up such challenges.

Our engagement model with CUSTOMERS is user-driven i.e. based on their individual business need we provide onsite, offshore or a combination of services. We care about how our customers perform since their success is our success. We lay emphasis on building long term relationships based on mutual trust formed due to our consistent and reliable service.

We consider our EMPLOYEES as valuable assets and encourage maintaining an open and tolerably informal working environment. We consider their skills, performance and attitude with respect and importance. We want them to face challenges and reward them for success. We want them to grow so that Macrosoft can grow and we invest in their training regularly.