APM – Application Performance Monitoring

Macro Software Systems LLC and AppDynamics authorized Solution Partner for Oman provides application performance monitoring solution using APM Labs. We help customers take our APM Expertise to the Next Level demonstrating Application Performance Management and Application Intelligence.

AppDynamics APM continuously discovers and monitors all processing of application using advanced tag, trace, and learn technology across distributed transactions. With this information, AppDynamics provides a simple intuitive view of live application traffic and it pinpoint where bottlenecks exist.

The Dashboards show the health of entire business application and health indicators are based on configurable thresholds and they update based on live traffic. When new services are added to the system AppDynamics discovers them and adds them to the dashboards and flow maps.

AppDynamics APM is consistently innovating and has delivered world class integrated Application and infra monitoring solutions, specializing in complex, digital, cloud and distributed environments, the company currently supports Java, .NET, Node.js, Python, C++ and PHP applications and offers both a software-as-a-service or an on premise deployment.