MacroSoft Software LLC in association with Storix, Inc., launching state of the art disaster recovery solutions for all kind of Linux and Unix variants including AIX and Solaris in Oman it includes support for little endian configurations of Linux distributions optimized for IBM Power 8 processors.

In addition to Linux big endian distributions, StoriX backup software  provides protection for the Linux little endian distributions: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.X/7.1 (RHEL6.X/7.X), Ubuntu 14.04 or later, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 (SLES 12).


Storix back Solution key fetaures:

  • Adaptable System Recovery (ASR): Recovery of Linux Virtual Machines (VMware vSphere, Hyper-V, Xen, OpenStack KVM, etc), would seem to be an easy task. Just take a snapshot of the Virtual Machine (VM) and backup the file that contains the entire system. That sounds great in theory, but in practice there are a lot of unforeseen problems with speed and storage. When you back up a snapshot of a VM, you are creating a copy of the entire disk (empty space and all). These disk images are large binary files that can only be used to recover the entire system and not individual files.

With our ASR backup process, we never back up empty space. User data can be excluded to create “OS-only” backups of the operating system and applications. This is important if you are already using a different enterprise backup product for the data.


  • Bare-Metal Recovery for Linux, AIX, and Solaris: Server downtime can be caused by something as simple as a corrupt system file or a major disaster such as a hurricane. Whatever the cause and scope of the disaster, the consequences are the same – you no longer have the system, losses are mounting, and productivity is suffering. During a datacenter crisis, how long it takes to get back online can make or break a business.

The ability to recover the ENTIRE system (OS and data) greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to recovery a critical system. This time is known as the Recovery Time Objective (RTO). With SBAdmin, you can reduce your RTO down to minutes for the operating system and with our Adaptable System Recovery (ASR) process, you can restore to dissimilar hardware and storage without worrying about drivers or modules.



Installing your system from scratch has improved from the days of inserting multiple CD’s and answering numerous questions. But, no vendor can predict exactly how you want to tailor your production systems. This often leads to writing post install scripts, applying additional patches after the install and removing packages that the vendor assumed you needed. With SBAdmin, you can take a full system backup of an AIX, Linux, or Solaris production system and create a “golden image” that you can then used to provision out multiple systems.